Zhilla is a purpose-driven tech leader with in-depth experience in building technology capabilities and leading diverse teams across Asia, Australia and Europe. Today she is the global head of technology at ING Netherlands being accountable for technology strategy and execution to drive operational excellence and business result within Wholesale Banking.

Her purpose is to create a meaningful impact, with people as the focal point. Building robust and scalable teams to deliver business value is central to her approach while she fosters collaboration across the organization and encourages an open, agile and innovative mindset in steering teams during transformation. She firmly believes that success lies in empowering and trusting her team and thrives to lead a technology team in BizDevOps model and setting a vision that creates value through a balance between business focused services and IT enablement.

Fun Fact:  Zhilla has had a childhood dream of becoming an artist. While she pursued her passion for technology instead, her love for art persists as a beloved hobby.

[16:15] Lukasz Sitkiewicz