• Amazon

    Stand 294

    Learn more here: https://business.amazon.com/ ...read more

  • Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub

    Stand 176

    Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub brings people, knowledge, and technology together to help founders at every stage solve startup ...read more

  • Keyfactor

    Stand 313

    Keyfactor brings digital trust to the hyper-connected world with identity-first security for every machine and human. By simplifying PKI, ...read more

  • Tata Communications


    Tata Communications MOVETM is an intelligent, secure, connectivity management and data enablement platform for IoT and consumer devices. It ...read more

  • AGSA

    Stand 64

    Our AGSA team has been working in the Kazakhstan market for more than 10 years. We have two lines ...read more

  • AI EdgeLabs / Scalarr

    Stand 194

    ...read more

  • ASA Computers

    Stand 70

    Founded in 1989 and headquartered in Fremont, California, ASA Computers is the leading IT solution provider for AI, HPC, ...read more

  • Able Device

    Stand 322

    Able Device, based in Raleigh, North Carolina, provides standards-based enabling technology that simplifies and accelerates the development and deployment ...read more

  • Acaisoft

    Stand 105

    Acaisoft is a data engineering services company with offices in Europe, US, India and Latin America. We specialize in building ...read more

  • Acceldata


    Founded in 2018, Campbell, CA-based Acceldata has developed the world’s first enterprise data observability platform to help enterprises build ...read more

  • Akkio

    Stand 142

    Akkio is the easiest to use AI platform that’s both fast and accurate. We help the rest of your ...read more

  • AlixPartners


    For more than forty years, AlixPartners has helped businesses around the world respond quickly and decisively to their most ...read more

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)


    Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud, offering over 200 fully featured services ...read more

  • Anexia

    Stand 316

    Anexia is a global managed hosting, IaaS provider, with service capabilities in 85 locations and over 50 countries.  AdTech ...read more

  • AnswerRocket

    Stand 88

    AnswerRocket is an AI-powered analytics platform that enables business users to get instant answers and insights from their data. ...read more

  • Arctos Labs

    Stand 302

    Learn more here: https://www.arctoslabs.com/ ...read more

  • Ashling Partners

    Stand 100

    Ashling Partners is a leading global consultancy of Enterprise Intelligent Automation solutions that empower enterprises to achieve continuous improvement ...read more

  • Aviatrix

    Stand 298

    Trusted by more than 500 of the world’s most innovative companies, Aviatrix empowers businesses to accelerate innovation, minimize downtime, ...read more

  • BMC


    BMC works with 86% of the Forbes Global 50 and customers and partners around the world to create their ...read more

  • Beamo

    Stand 242

    Make your IoT visible with Beamo – Fast, Easy, and Reliable Digital Twins for Smart Decision Making and Sustainable ...read more

  • Bigeye

    Stand 74

    Bigeye is an industry-leading data observability platform that gives data engineering and science teams the tools they need to ...read more

  • Bobidi

    Stand 66

    Bobidi helps Gen AI companies refine their test/training dataset for the highest quality and reduce the inference cost.  Our ...read more

  • Bosch

    Stand N/A

    The Bosch Group is a leading global supplier of technology and services. It employs roughly 402,600 associates worldwide (as ...read more

  • BrainStorm

    Stand 170

    Learn more here: https://www.brainstorminc.com/ ...read more

  • Browan Communications

    Stand 200

    BROWAN COMMUNICATIONS is a professional wireless equipment company founded in 2002.  The company is one of the Gemtek Group’s ...read more

  • CTIA Certification

    Stand 332

    CTIA represents the U.S. wireless communications industry. From carriers and equipment manufacturers to mobile app developers and content creators, ...read more

  • CWNP

    Stand 259

    CWNP is a vendor-neutral wireless certification organization. We provide certifications for Wi-Fi and wireless IoT solutions ranging from entry-level ...read more

  • Cequence

    Stand 298

    Cequence Unified API Protection unifies API discovery, inventory tracking, compliance, dynamic testing with proven, real-time native detection and prevention ...read more

  • Cloud Academy

    Stand 134

    Cloud Academy reinvents the way companies assess, train and apply the critical skills needed to ready their entire organization ...read more

  • Clumio

    Stand 286

    Clumio is simplifying cloud data protection for AWS.  As a backup as a service (BaaS) offering, Clumio provides added protection against ransomware, ...read more

  • Cofense

    Stand 289

    Cofense® is the leading provider of phishing detection and response solutions. Designed for enterprise organizations, the Cofense Phishing Detection ...read more

  • Cohere

    Stand 108

    Cohere, a leading pioneer in language AI, empowers every developer and enterprise to build incredible products with world-leading natural ...read more

  • Colaberry

    Stand 250

    Colaberryä , an INC. 5000 company, brings more than ten years of experience in utilizing innovative educational programs and ...read more

  • Console Connect

    Stand 270

    Console Connect is a platform for the Software Defined Interconnection® of applications and infrastructures. It allows users to self-provision ...read more

  • Cryptomathic

    Stand 280

    Founded in 1986, Cryptomathic is a global provider of cryptographic security solutions and consulting for businesses across a wide ...read more


    Stand 146

    Dataiku develops the unique advanced analytics software solution that enables companies to build and deliver their own data products more ...read more

  • Datorios

    Stand 152

    Welcome to your real-time data reality. Datorios is the effective reverse ETL & ETLT Data Platform allowing you to ...read more

  • Doppelio

    Stand 256

    A complete IoT test automation platform that infinitely scales and accelerates your time to market. ...read more

  • DuploCloud

    Stand 225

    DuploCloud offers a DevSecOps software platform for teams that don’t have dedicated DevOps and augments those that do. The ...read more

  • EMQ

    Stand 234

    Learn more here: link  ...read more

  • Eseye

    Stand 264

    We unlock the full potential of IoT, free from the complexities of global cellular connectivity. We have everything you ...read more

  • Eventual

    Stand 94

    Eventual, helps businesses leverage AI to automatically build, scale and operate modern event-driven architectures that solve complex business orchestration ...read more


    Stand 276

    FIBERSTAMP is an open optical network middleware provider with a diverse technology path, located in Shenzhen, China, and Singapore. ...read more

  • Featureform


    Featureform allows data scientists to define, manage, and serve machine learning features across your organization. The days of untitled_128.ipynb ...read more

  • FedML

    Stand 98

    FedML (https://fedml.ai) provides an open-source community and an enterprise platform for decentralized and collaborative AI anywhere (at the edge ...read more

  • Fivetran


    Fivetran is the automated data movement platform moving data out of, into, and across your cloud data platforms. We’ve ...read more

  • Flyingvoice

    Stand 318

    Flyingvoice is a leading VoIP CPE one-stop solutions provider, and specializes in providing IP phones, ATA& gateways and VoIP ...read more

  • Fraunhofer


    Learn more here: https://www.fraunhofer.org/en/startpage/fraunhofer-usa-locations/fraunhofer-usa-dmt.html ...read more

  • Gadgeon

    Stand 328

    Gadgeon is a new-gen technology consultancy and engineering services company enabling customers’ digital journey. Gadgeon is dedicated to building ...read more

  • Gigamon

    Stand 278

    Gigamon offers a deep observability pipeline that harnesses actionable network-level intelligence to amplify the power of observability tools. This ...read more

  • Glean

    Stand 174

    Learn more here: https://www.glean.com/ ...read more

  • Globalstar, Inc.

    Stand 180

    Globalstar is a pioneer in satellite communications and connectivity, offering reliable, next-gen satellite and terrestrial connectivity solutions and services ...read more

  • Granite Telecommunications

    Stand 330

    Granite is a dynamic and rapidly growing company serving the exciting and demanding Telecommunications market. 2018 EIS awardee. The ...read more

  • Greptime

    Stand 270

    Greptime provides the fastest, most efficient time-series database solutions on the market. Our mission is to empower industries, such ...read more

  • Hashstudioz

    Stand 268

    We are a global leader in product development, having a wide range of technology experts under the same roof. ...read more

  • Hitachi Vantara

    Stand 154

    Hitachi Vantara, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi Ltd., delivers the intelligent data platforms, infrastructure systems, and digital expertise ...read more

  • HiveMQ

    Stand 320

    HiveMQ makes it possible to deploy business-critical systems that move data between connected devices and the cloud in a ...read more

  • Hologram Inc.

    Stand 178

    Empowering innovators to build the future. Cellular connectivity for #IoT devices & software for the people behind them. ...read more

  • IDC

    Stand 310

    IDC is the premier global provider of market intelligence, advisory services, and events for the information technology, telecommunications, and ...read more

  • Infocepts

    Stand 176

    Infocepts is a data solutions firm that enables improved business results through more effective use of data, AI & ...read more

  • Inmarsat

    Stand 240

    Inmarsat delivers world leading, innovative, advanced and exceptionally reliable global, mobile communications across the world – in the air, ...read more

  • Innodata Inc.

    Stand 82

    Innodata (NASDAQ: INOD) is the world’s leading data engineering company. Prestigious companies across the globe turn to Innodata for ...read more

  • Iridium

    Stand 202

    Iridium® is the only mobile voice and data satellite communications network that spans the entire globe. Iridium enables connections ...read more

  • Ivanti

    Stand 255

    Wavelink, Supply Chain division of Ivanti is the global leader in supply chain solutions that focus on task worker ...read more

  • Jacs Solutions

    Stand 310

    JACS Solutions is a leader in providing customized and purpose-built smart mobile device solutions to drive enterprise IoT and ...read more

  • KNX Association

    Stand 306

    KNX Association is responsible for promoting the use of the KNX standard in products from local manufacturers, intensifying the ...read more

  • Kentik

    Stand 258

    Kentik is the network observability company. Our platform is a must-have for the network front line, whether digital business, ...read more

  • Kingston Technology

    Stand 208

    Kingston is known for many things, from memory and storage solutions like solid-state drives (SSDs) and encrypted USBs to ...read more

  • Kontent.ai

    Stand 266

    Kontent.ai is the headless CMS that enables organizations to have complete control over content to speed up time to ...read more

  • Lucy A.I.

    Stand 72

    Lucy is a one-stop AI-powered knowledge platform for all the data an organization owns and licenses. She was shaped ...read more

  • MSI – Micro-Star International Co., Ltd.

    Stand 334

    MSI is a world leader in gaming, content creation, and AIoT solutions. Bolstered by its cutting-edge R&D capabilities and ...read more

  • Mag Tech Industries

    Stand 138

    For more than 30 years MagTech has introduced innovative solutions to better human experiences.  MagTech Industries is a leading ...read more

  • Meritronics

    Stand 102

    At Meritronics in Milpitas, California, we have more than 25 years of experience in turnkey PCB assembly and electronic ...read more

  • Meshed

    Stand 155

    Meshed is a premier IoT integration company delivering enterprise grade LoRaWAN solutions across devices, networks and applications. We use ...read more

  • Micro focus

    Stand 140

    Micro Focus is one of the world’s largest enterprise software providers, delivering mission-critical technology to more than 40,000 customers ...read more

  • Monogoto

    Stand 314

    Monogoto is a cloud-based cellular network. Its API-driven Connectivity-as-a-Service was designed from the ground up with simplicity in mind ...read more

  • Motherson

    Stand 130

    Motherson Technology Services is the Technology and Industrial Solutions Vertical of the Motherson Group, one of the world’s leading ...read more

  • Mushroom Solutions

    Stand 256

    Mushroom Solutions is a technology solutions company with a mission to make life better, helping organizations streamline their digital ...read more

  • Namla

    Stand 300

    Learn more here: https://namla.cloud/ ...read more

  • Nomad Data

    Stand 76

    For organizations looking to enhance data-driven decision making, Nomad Data is the data relationship management and discovery platform that ...read more

  • OPC Foundation

    Stand 284

    The OPC Foundation is dedicated to ensuring interoperability in automation by creating and maintaining open specifications that standardize the ...read more

  • Oort

    Stand 274

    Oort is an identity threat detection and response platform for enterprise security. With over 60% of security breaches involving ...read more

  • Optimal Design

    Stand 308

    Optimal Design is a technology firm providing vertically integrated services for consumer, industrial, and medical products. We focus on ...read more

  • Oxylabs

    Stand 84

    Established in 2015, Oxylabs is a public web data collection solution provider, enabling companies to build reliable real-time web ...read more

  • Panther

    Stand 282

    Panther Labs was founded by a team of veteran security practitioners who faced the challenges of security operations at ...read more

  • Platform9

    Stand 234

    Learn more here: Platform9: Unified Infrastructure Management ...read more

  • Predibase

    Stand 62

    Predibase is the fastest way to go from data to deployment on all of your machine learning initiatives. As ...read more

  • Projectworks

    Stand 223

    Projectworks is a business management platform designed to help professional & creative services businesses better manage their organisations in ...read more

  • Prolifics

    Stand 206

    At Prolifics, the work we do with our clients matters. Whether it’s literally keeping the lights on for thousands ...read more

  • Ripcord

    Stand 132

    Unlock the power of data trapped in documents with Ripcord’s Document Intelligence as a Service. Using advanced robotics and ...read more

  • Rush PCB

    Stand 107

    RushPCB – Your one stop shop for PCBs Manufacturing and PCB Assembly RUSH PCB is your one-stop shop for ...read more

  • SBA Edge

    Stand 198

    Learn more here: https://www.sbaedge.com/ ...read more

  • Schwatech

    Stand 346

    Learn more here: link ...read more

  • SenX

    Stand 338

    SenX (formerly Cityzen Data) is the software publisher of Warp 10, an open source solution to manage sensors / ...read more

  • Shield IoT

    Stand 261

    Shield-IoT is an IoT cyber security and analytics software solution provider, enabling IoT service and solution providers to monitor ...read more

  • Siretta

    Stand 324

    Siretta are a leading developer and manufacturer of Industrial IoT products, software and solutions. We have extensive knowledge and ...read more

  • Sky Data Sims

    Stand 216

    Founded in 2008, Sky Data Sims has over 8 years of experience in providing data solutions for M2M and ...read more

  • Splunk

    Stand 175

    Learn more here: https://www.splunk.com/ ...read more

  • Supermicro

    Stand TBC

    Visit their website to learn more: https://www.supermicro.com/ ...read more

  • TagoIO

    Stand 178

    TagoIO is a cutting-edge IoT platform that empowers businesses and individuals to effortlessly connect, manage, and analyze data from ...read more

  • Teal Communications

    Stand 272

    Teal’s patented technology connects any device onto any data network worldwide. With more network operator agreements than any other ...read more

  • TechForge Media

    Stand 179

    TechForge is a market-leading publishing company, event organiser and digital services provider, focusing specifically on the enterprise application of ...read more

  • Telco Systems

    Stand 222

    Telco Systems is a leading vendor of innovative communications software products, for the new generation of edge computing and ...read more

  • Tenyks

    Stand 192

    Tenyks (YC) is a University of Cambridge spin-out helping Machine Vision Engineers bring research to production 8x faster & ...read more

  • Tiny Wave

    Stand 344

    TinyWave’s Business Area We are a team of experts dedicated to providing innovative solutions to complex problems. we have ...read more

  • WANdisco

    Stand 172

    WANdisco is the data activation company. WANdisco makes petabyte- and exabyte-scale data trapped in on-premises data lakes and IoT ...read more

  • WIZnet Technology

    Stand 254

    WIZnet is a fabless semiconductor company in the area of Internet connectivity for small devices. The Company’s products include ...read more

  • Waylay NV

    Stand 306

    Waylay is a leading automation OS company providing a fundamentally new way for businesses to easily build automation and complex ...read more

  • Web Spiders Group

    Stand 196

    Learn more here https://www.webspiders.com/ ...read more

  • Webbing

    Stand 227

    Founded in 2010, Webbing delivers innovative enterprise grade, global connectivity and IoT services. Our wireless solutions are designed to ...read more

  • Winged IT

    Stand 342

    Winged IT is a Polish Tech Outsourcing, Recruitment, and Consulting Company that works with more than 100 clients from ...read more

  • Wyebot

    Stand 290

    Wyebot is focused on developing solutions for optimization of the Wireless Enterprise. The solution delivers 24×7 reliability and high performance ...read more

  • Zadara

    Stand 224

    Learn more here: https://www.zadara.com/ ...read more

  • Zoho

    Stand 246

    Founded in 1996, Zoho crafts a suite of SaaS applications from business productivity & team collaboration to IT management ...read more

  • cnvrg.io

    Stand 215 shared with Dell Technologies

    cnvrg.io, an Intel company, is a full stack machine learning operating system with everything an AI developer needs to ...read more

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