Day 1 -


Day 1 | Chairperson’s Welcome

Chairperson’s welcome and opening remarks.


Panel: The Future of Workplace Collaboration

  • Understand how organizations are implementing and maintaining integrated meeting rooms, designed to deliver a seamless experience to encourage collaboration in a hybrid workforce
  • Discover the technological advancements enhancing collaboration platforms
  • Determine what tools and strategies organizations can introduce to support a hybrid working environment and engage staff in a productive workplace
  • Are there advancements towards comprehensive AI technology that can automate administrative tasks from meetings for our workforce seamlessly into existing workflows?


Panel: Hybrid Working Technologies: Digital Experiences in a Modern Workplace

  • Understand how the EX narrative has developed and shifted with a new generation of workforce and how this impacts on implemented technology
  • Discover the latest technological applications being utilised in the workplace to deliver better and more efficient digital experiences
  • Determine the voice of the people: what does the workforce want from its hybrid technologies?
  • Recognise the role of AI in productivity and how hybrid work arrangements can be enhanced with AI capabilities


Applying DevOps Practices to Scale and Protect VoIP

  • Understand how DevOps can break down the silos between development and operations teams
  • Improve control of service quality and automation process in back-end systems
  • Overcome VoIP risks through implementation of DevOps


Networking break


How 5G Will Transform and UCaaS

  • What are the transformative effects of the integration of 5G and UCaaS?
  • How will this work with other areas, such as cloud technology, both complementing and reinforcing one another?
  • How will 5G impact the user and customer experience?
  • What are the integration challenges and concerns surround the implementation of 5G in Unified Communications?


Enhancing Customer Experience Software with Emerging Technology

  • How can organizations utilize AI and ML to provider a superior service experience?
  • What insights can be gathered that can be utilized to better the customer journey?
  • How can predictive analysis be incorporated?
  • How can a personalized experience be delivered when incorporating new technology into CX?




Panel: Future Evolution of Video Conferencing

  • Is the workplace ready to adopt video AR and VR technologies in the meeting room?
  • What effect is AI and big data analytics having on remote collaboration and video conferencing?
  • What tools & technologies are being harnessed to make meetings hyper-productive?


Navigating Call Recording Compliance

  • Understanding the complexities of call recording compliance, especially in industries such as financial services where these regulatory requirements are critical
  • Discover how data integrity is maintained and how encryption is utilized to protection recordings and prevent tampering
  • Recognize the significance of secure archiving to protect customer information and for regulator auditing purposes


Networking Break


One Voice, Less Noise: Simplifying Communication with a Single Professional Identity

  • What are the developments in workplace identity and access management?
  • How can companies centralize their communications management and resources?
  • How does the utilization of a SIP framework result in a more efficient workflow?
  • How does SIP support ethical communication practice on a global scale, i.e. SEC, FINRA & GDPR?


Perfect Partnership: Evaluating and Selecting UCaaS Providers and Vendors

  • What should an organization set out as the key criteria and metrics when selecting UCaaS providers?
  • How do you compare the organizational needs against the capabilities of the UCaaS provider?
  • What to expect to present to decision-makers for final approval


Chair’s Closing Remarks