Day 2 -


Day 2 | Chairpersons Welcome


Panel: Taking an Omnichannel Approach to CX Technology

  • Understand how an omnichannel approach to CX will push success and how customers will engage in the process
  • Develop a clear vision for how larger trends like AI, cloud, and the digital workplace impact CX services
  • Learn about an omnichannel approach to UC and CX will provide contextual data to improve the business and analytics for customer reporting


Panel: Security Trends for Unified Communications

  • The double-edged sword: how are organizations utilising AI’s potential for proactive defense but also preparing for its dynamic attacks?
  • How are organizations mitigating security risks by providing trend-focused cybersecurity training?


BYOM: The Future of the Virtual Meeting Room

  • What must IT departments prepare to ensure meeting rooms are set up for “Bring Your Own Meeting”?
  • How can organizations harness AI to create productivity hubs for hybrid meeting rooms?
  • What emerging technology can be utilised to enhance the room experience?
  • Can AI be utilised to generate productivity markers and analytics to guide IT teams in management decisions?


Networking break


Deep Fake: The Real Threat to Workforce Identity & Access Management

A case study showcasing the very real potential threat of deep fake technology in society, the risk is poses to organizations, and recommendations on how security, IT and communications professionals can implement process and technology to tackle the threat.


Using CPaaS to Improve Customer Outcomes

  • Understand how organizations can utilize CPaaS to meet rising customer demands
  • Improve proactive engagement and encourage teams to embrace a platform-based communications approach
  • Consider the security implications when evolving a communications approach




Achieving E911 Compliance

  • What is required of enterprises to be E911 compliant at federal and state level?
  • How to prepare an effective E911 compliance plan
  • Understanding and mapping the variety of scenarios in which employees may be working, resulting in multiple devices and technologies needing to be accounted and planned for
  • What steps can be taken to ensure compliance and mitigate risk?


Harnessing IoT for UC Data Exchange

  • How can UC be integrated with IoT devices?
  • How is IoT being used in the UC space for optimal operational efficiency?
  • Where can workflows be automated and assisted with IoT-enabled gadgets?
  • How can companies make sure that IoT connections to UC are scalable?
[16:15] Lukasz Sitkiewicz